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Eliwind City

Eliwind City

Latest generation technology

Wind turbine with an emi-vertical axis


The research and development activities in the field of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines has given life to the latest generation technology with the new patent entitled:

“Eli-vertical wind turbine with palatable and adjustable blades”

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The hemi-vertical wind rotor has two opposing rotatable blades with self-orientable ends. The peculiarity of the emi-vertical configuration manages to divert the windy flow towards the ground. Thanks to this deviation, the wind machine that will be in the wake of the vertical axis will be hit by a windy flow with a speed equal to the incoming one.

The horizontal wake coming from the i-vertical is mixed by the vertical deviation of the wind flow produced by itself thus obtaining high windy flow rates in the wake. With the peculiar deviation ability of the elevation winds it is thus possible to create installations with a high number of rotors per unit of site surface.

Therefore, this new technology of emi-vertical axis turbines, unique in the world, has the strategic objective for applications in high density wind fields, increasing the productivity of the wind field.

Rotore con ali e bilancere su telaio
Rotore con ali inclinate

Eliwind City

Rotor with wings and balance on frame

Handling of end wings

Rotor with flapping wings

Urban architectures

Urban Proof

The ae-vertical wind installations can be of any type: vertical axis (VAWT), horizontal axis (HAWT) or equally vertical; in concrete, the flexibility of installation makes vertical emi-vertical applicable to all traditional wind farms and increases its energy production capacity per site area.

Moreover, the particular pivoting configuration of the emi-vertical rotor allows installation and integration in all urban architectures, precluded to traditional wind systems which are affected by the turbulence and deviations of the windy flows induced both by the building itself and by the adjacent ones.

This innovative emi-vertical wind system allows to exploit any wind flow, from the lowest to the highest, to generate electricity with highly competitive costs with the current market costs and the fossil sources themselves.

Finally, the uniqueness of this system with high technological value, and for its reliability in the production of turbines of any desired power, makes it globally sustainable and economically convenient.