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Zeus Energy Group

The holding company was founded in 2011, following the liberalization of the electricity market (Bersani decree) and methane (Letta decree), with the aim of developing projects in the natural gas, electricity and renewable sources sector. The first project is Romagas srl – now ROMA GAS & POWER spa, which since 2005 represents one of the most important realities of the Italian energy scene (among the top 5 Italian private traders).


Wind Solar System LLC - Pasadena

Innovative Small/Medium Enterprise, innovative SMEs Wind Solar System based in PASADENA CA, UNITED STATES, was founded in May 2019 by Orlando Lozzi (engineer), inventor of innovative technology turbines with EMI – Vertical axis “ELIWIND®” and “WIND SOLAR SYSTEM”. Patented worldwide; these technologies were awarded in Italy by Legambiente – Confindustria – Bocconi University – Politecnico of Milan and the Lombardy Region with the “Friend of the Environment Innovation Award 2010”